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PE and Sports Science

Subject intent Sport Science

The intent of Sports Science is to teach students how the body works, how we can design and conduct training programs safely, follow a balanced diet and avoid injury through risk management. The course intent is to allow students to be more aware of what they do and why they do it allowing them to make better life choices when exercising.

Subject intent Core PE

The intent of Physical Education at JCA is to develop the holistic child through the development of their physical, mental and social skills. PE is so much more than developing specific skills within sports such as tennis or football. We believe PE provides the perfect opportunity to build a student’s skills in resilience, teamwork, communication, empathy as well as their physical aptitude.

We believe we can genuinely make a difference to students’ lives. By developing good listening, teamwork and all-round communication skills it will positively impact learning in all subjects and by becoming better at these skills and aptitudes it will underpin their employability and improve their life chances.

At JCA our PE curriculum builds over time and in developing physical, emotional and mental skills we are building a students’ physical literacy. The development of Physical literacy should provide fun, enjoyable and progressive lessons. The enjoyment experienced should develop a love of activities and a ‘want’ to join a school or local team, club or gym.

  • In KS3 students will develop their physical literacy through a range of different student-centred activities across the three years of KS3. This will be assessed using Age Related Expectations and two “snapshot” Assessments in terms 3 and 6.
  • In KS4 Core PE students will further develop their physical literacy via a range of recreational activities with a view to engraining positive behaviours that promote the benefits of physical activity and prepare them for activity across their life course. There is no formal assessment of KS4 core PE.

Our curriculum is deliberately not focussed on specific activities and the performance of the skills within them, but is focussed on the underlying principles of physical literacy

Sport Science is taught as an option for KS4 students and aspects of the course are delivered during core PE lessons in addition to the practical sport taking place. In Year 7 and 8 content is covered and knowledge organisers supplied to support future learning at KS4, however the content is useful for students even if they don’t choose sport science.

This course teaches students about injury prevention; the principles of training; how the body responds to exercise and sports nutrition. Work is applied to the world of sport and exercise but also to a healthy lifestyle. The course is mainly coursework based allowing students to draft their work and develop ideas as they progress through KS4. Students must work well to deadlines and work hard within lessons to ensure they are able to apply the course content in their coursework.

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PE and Sports Science PE and Sports Science

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PE and Sports Science

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PE and Sports Science