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Religion and Philosophy

Subject intent

We want our philosophers to know and understand key religious beliefs and practices from a number of world views. We want them to be able to understand and evaluate the impact belief has on people’s actions in both their religious practices and ethical decisions. They will be able to listen to others, take on differing viewpoints, be able to articulate arguments and form justified conclusions.

Brief overview of thinking behind KS3 cumulation and progression of knowledge

Our RP curriculum’s sequencing introduces students to several different religious and non religious beliefs and/or practices, progressively building on knowledge so students can develop their understanding and ability to evaluate and make informed judgements.

Link to KS4 specification

GCSE Religious Studies | Eduqas

GCSE Specification Template (eduqas.co.uk)

Curriculum plan

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 11 Christian PracticesIslamic PracticesRelationshipsLife and DeathRevision 
Year 10 Good and EvilChristian BeliefsIslamic Beliefs


Human Rights


Year 9 How do we make ethical decisions?Does religion cause conflict?Exploring ultimate questions. What is real?
Year 8 Hindu ideas and practicesJewish ideas and practicesChristian ideas and practicesIslamic ideas and practicesExistence of GodEvil and Suffering
Year 7 Stories of the ProphetsWho was Jesus?Who was Muhammad?Who were the Gurus?Who was the Buddha?