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Academy Ethos & Vision

Academy Ethos & Vision

Empower Yourself. Empower our Community.


We aspire for students to thrive academically; flourish and grow as young people. When they leave us they will have a strong sense of self, their place in the world and the agency to fulfil their potential.

We will achieve this by ensuring that students’ success is recognised and rewarded, and without apology will expect that everyone works hard and tries their best.

Inspired by Learning

We aspire to create a learning community where staff and students are engaged, challenged and inspired, and thus will take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. We endeavour to develop a sense of wonder in our learning, so that we are inquisitive, critical and curious.

We will achieve this by providing moments of awe and wonder both inside and outside the classroom.

Nurturing the Individual

We aspire to meet the needs of every person in the Academy. We will embed a supportive and compassionate culture in which the whole person is nurtured and the voice of students is valued.

We will achieve this by having consistent boundaries and well-understood routines that everyone knows and understands. This consistency is the key to feeling safe – and the feeling of safety and security will enable able every person in our community to explore, develop and express their individual identities.

Raising our Community

We aspire for our Academy to be the community’s school of choice.

We will achieve this by building and sustaining trusting and respectful relationships between staff, students and parents. We will celebrate the diversity of the members our community by enabling them to learn from each other, by encouraging them to respect each other’s differences, and by providing opportunities to contribute to Academy life and the wider community.

I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley