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Parent/Carer Evenings and Reports

Parent/Carer Evenings

Each year group will have one Parent and Carer evening throughout the year, from 3:30-6pm at JCA, apart from Y11 who will have two.

Parent and Carer evening dates for the 2023/24 academic year are as follows:

Y7 – 12th June
Y8 – 22nd November
Y9 – 17th January
Y10 – 15th May
Y11 – 27th September and 27th March

For the 2023/24 academic year, Parent and Carer evening appointments will be made via the SchoolCloud website, but the evenings themselves will take place in school, face-to-face (this is a change from the previous academic year where Parent and Carer evenings were conducted online).

It is vital that Parents and Carers make every effort to attend the evening -> the Educational Endowment Fund state that quality parental engagement with schools can lead to students making 4 months additional academic progress compared to average (EEF website, 2023). It is our job to support you in feeling able to support your child, and these evenings provide us with a great opportunity to make that happen.


In addition to Parent and Carer evenings, each year group will receive academic progress reports throughout the year. For each subject, we will provide information about how your child is performing in relation to their target grades. We will also provide contextual data, such as attendance and behaviour scores.

Report dates are scheduled to come after key testing points in the year to allow us to provide you with accurate, up to date information on the progress your child is making.

We will start the year by emailing these reports to the primary contact email address that we have on our records. If you need to update your information please email [email protected]. Once we have launched the Bromcom parent app you will then be able to access reports using the app.

Academic progress reports for the 2023/24 academic year are as follows:

Y7-9 – 9th Feb and 5th July
Y10 – 1st March and 22nd July
Y11 – 22nd September, 1st December and 22nd March