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Subject intent

We want our geographers to know their place in the world regarding human and physical factors. We want them to be able to relate and apply geographical knowledge to understand current affairs and be able to explain why they have occurred. We also want them to develop skills to understand and interpret information to inform and justify their opinion on global geographical issues.

Brief overview of thinking behind KS3 cumulation and progression of knowledge

Our curriculum is designed to be cumulative and progressive. The sequencing is carefully thought-out to introduce students to progressively complex geographical knowledge and ideas, so they can build on and develop their ability to independently evaluate and make informed judgements. For example, they are gradually introduced to a wider variety of geographical situations at differing scales that students investigate to recognise interconnection but to also think critically and form valid opinions about people and places.

Link to KS4 specification

AQA Geography

Geography Specifications

Curriculum plan

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 11Challenge of resource managementMock revision, read and respond, Paper 3 geography skills.Paper 3: pre- release practice, geography

and field skills

Mock revision, read and respond, paper 3 pre- release prep.Paper 3 pre- release prep.

Revision for final exams

Final exams
Year 10Urban Issues and Challenges: Rio

and Bristol

Living World: Ecosystems and hot desertsUK Physical Landscapes: Rivers/CoastsFieldwork: Paper 3 skills
Year 9Making a decision – flooding in the UK, sea levels rising and

global resources

Oceans – plastics/NW Passa ge.

Overfishing, acidifi cation

Climate: The Movement – Greta and

climate change

Exploitation: resources, fossil fuels

and renewables

Future of the planet: sustainabilityHuman Exploitati on – fashion and migration
Year 8Africa – Human Misconceptions/ development/SDGS and diseaseAfrica – Physical Biomes

– savannah/ ecotourism and desertification

Europe – physical/human features, population,

my place in Europe, the EU, Brexit

Asia – NEE, what are they? The rise of China and IndiaAsia – natural hazards (Japan vs.


Year 7UK – national, regional and localUK – Lake District Glaciation Tourism IndustryUK: Water River Severn Water Cycle FloodingUK: Water Jurassic Coast Landforms ManagementRussia: Physical Climate Biomes – Tundra PermafrostRussia: Human People Artic Resources