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Subject intent

We want students

  • To gain a sense of self through the use of language and understanding
  • To gain a sense of agency by expressing themselves confidently and
  • To gain a sense of place in the world by exploring different viewpoints and expressing their own
  • To seek meaning by decoding
  • To make connections between the past and present and explore how they impact on our
  • To gain the knowledge and skills to be able to communicate appropriately for

Brief overview of thinking behind KS3 cumulation and progression of knowledge:

KS2 Prior Learning

Y6 curriculum focuses mainly on language skills and does not take a historicist approach to literature or the study of texts. We complete a writing baseline focused on familiar work for Y6/7 students before exploring Great Expectations and the Victorian period.


Core concepts covered at the start of KS3 are revisited throughout the course where they are applied to more complex ideas and more diverse situations, thus deepening and broadening students’ understanding of English and English Literature.


At KS4 the learning in the curriculum is cumulative and progressive. The sequencing is balanced carefully to enable students to develop key concepts by revisiting the topics at least three times during the course.

Links are made to Y9 (KS3) incorporating non-fiction and fiction extracts for co-teachability and to enable ‘bridging’ from Y9 to Y10.

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