World Music Day

World Music Day

World Music Day World Music Day

In October 1981, Maurice Fleuret as Director of Music and Dance at the French Ministry of Culture, laid the foundations for a new concept that ‘music will be everywhere and the concert will be nowhere.’ This started a musical revolution and the need for music to surround us in daily life.

As a result, artists across the globe perform on June 21st as a mark of celebration of music and all the positives that performing music brings. These include fostering relationships, developing communication skills, and supporting the development of new or existing skills. But most importantly enjoying music!

Here at John Cabot  we have decided to celebrate ‘World Music Day’ with performances from different year groups and genres of music throughout the day that will allow students and staff to enjoy music as they go about their usual Monday routines.

Chanica de Jong, JCA Social Media reporter said,

“World Music Day is a great opportunity to celebrate music making. The students at JCA have missed out on so many of these ‘normal’ opportunities because of COVID, so I wanted to give them a musical experience to remember and celebrate their achievements in music this year.”