Students enter National Maths Challenge

64 students in Y10 and Y11 recently sat the nationally run Maths Challenge, 37 of whom scored highly enough to receive a prize certificate (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
6 students’ scores were high enough for them to move through to a new competition.
For Antoni Byczynski, Vernon-Luke Swanepoel, Jun Hao Chen, Marcell Welisane and Callum Selby, this was the Kangaroo Maths challenge which took place on March 17th.
For Jacob Kendell, this was the Maths Olympiad, also today. We believe this is the first ever time that a student from John Cabot Academy has qualified for this level of the competition, so an absolutely outstanding achievement! Only 500 students nationally go through to this!
Results will take a few weeks to come back, but we are incredibly proud of all the students who took part, those that got certificates of any sort, and those that qualified for further rounds of the competition.
Students enter National Maths Challenge