Integrate Youth Conference

Integrate Youth Conference

At the end of last term, staff took a group of John Cabot students from Year 9 – 11 students to the historic Curzon Cinema in Clevedon, for the Integrate UK annual conference.

As part of the day, many of our students spoke to the 200 strong audience of students from other CLF and Bristol schools about key issues that affect young people such as FGM, sexual harassment and racial inequality. The cinema was the perfect place to showcase the new media resource tackling sexual harassment, that was filmed at John Cabot during the summer holidays.

Alongside this, we were able to listen to former Integrate service users talking about the benefits of being part of a youth led charity, giving young people a voice, and making a change in society.

Charlotte Grierson, Leader of Music & Performing Arts, said “We had a great day out, and the Year 9 Project Fearless cohort are very excited to be working with Integrate this academic year!”

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